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Title Rebate Policy:

ALL dogs sold by us are eligible for a complete purchase price rebate. To qualify either a partial or full rebate the dog must before its 5th birthday earn 1, 2, or 3 AKC recognized titles in any of the following:

     a. CD (Companion Dog)
     b. CDX (Companion Dog Excellent)
     c. UD (Utility Dog)
    a. NA (Novice Agility)
    b. NAJ (Novice Agility Jumper)
    c. NAP (Novice Agility Preferred)
    a. TD (Tracking Dog)
    b. VST (Variable Surface Tracking Dog)
    c. TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent)
    a. JH (Junior Hunter)
    b .MH (Master Hunter)
   c. SH (Senior Hunter)

        The dog does not have to earn all 3 titles in the same category. You can earn the first title in each category or 2 in one and the third in another. It doesn't matter. You have five years in which to qualify for the rebates. Each time you receive a title send us a photocopy of the official AKC title certificate and we will respond within 30 days with a check for 1/3rd the purchase price refund per title. In effect with some time and effort on your part, you can get the full purchase price back on your Golden Retriever puppy. We do NOT breed show dogs, our dogs are solely family dogs. The titles we rebate on reflect that. If you want a show champion please look elsewhere for your puppy. We do NOT rebate conformation championships.

         ALL our puppies are capable of earning titles provided the owner spends the time following a reasonable training schedule for each puppy's individual age, temperament, and maturity obtained through a qualified training class. If you opt to attend a class, or send your pup away for training rather than home schooling your puppy. We highly recommend instructors who stress quiet firm commands, prevention over correction and motivation by praise and or play. At no time do we endorse the rough handling of any puppy or adolescent dog during training. Such methods eventually backfire resulting in an unpredictable behavior and undesirable  temperament change.

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