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Effective 1 June 2021

 Change to Shipping

Due to changes in cargo shipping and restrictions by airlines we are no longer shipping puppies. Puppy buyers will need to come to the farm and pick their puppy up in person. Or we will meet them at Denver International Airport (DIA) with the puppy for the buyer to take the puppy home in cabin. The buyer will need to make the puppy reservations to fly in cabin. Purchase the airline approved under seat carry on carrier for the puppy and insure that all in cabin regulations are met. Costs for in cabin flights one way for a puppy run from $95. to $125. at last check. These fees can of course change on airline whims. We will bring the puppy and all required paperwork for the puppy to fly in cabin along with a collar, lead and toy. Due to the fact we live out of state and have at least a 4 hour drive one way to airport. We only go to the airport one day a week on Fridays. Buyers who will be flying to meet us at airport need to come in on a Friday after 2pm and allow time for paperwork exchanges and signatures. We highly recommend you allot time to wear your new puppy out before getting back on a plane.

We're sorry for any inconveniences these changes may cause. But like other breeders we can no longer ship cargo due to the new regulations put in place by both the airlines themselves and the FDA.