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Rex like all goldens is a pleaser. He loves his people and he wants to make them happy. He can go all day in the field or flop beside your computer desk and doze while you work. We are very pleased to say that Rex as passed his DNA testing and his OFA Hip and Elbow exams

You can check his OFA, DNA results, along with his pedigree at this link.  As with any of our dogs used to breed a litter. His puppies will come with copies of all his DNA and OFA results.

Rex has been trained to help his partner with mobility issues. Here he is patiently waiting for his partner to finish donating 

blood at the center. A service dog is trained to ignore all. 

 It is against federal law to distract or otherwise interfere 

in a service dog work. That includes when he is waiting for 

his partner to finish various transactions. Sitting or laying 

down does not mean the dog is off duty. It simply means 

the dog is monitoring his partner for possible needs.

Rex out with one of his puppies having fun.

Rex and his partner going to his 

human half's favorite restaurant.

While he has a professional life. Rex 

enjoys his time to watch TV, socialize 

with the cat and just go out for some 

sunshine and leisurely walk. What a lot 

of people don't realize is that a service 

dog is a DOG not a toaster, or 

programed computer. They need down

 time and time to decompress.