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Puppy Reservations

1st pick Male  K9's For Mobility Wy.

Queen and Henry Puppies.  Born 31 January 2023

I will try to update pictures and video every weekend.  Please have patience as I am undergoing medical treatments and there are days just getting out of bed is a challenge. Thankfully I have an in house puppy addict who will do the day to day things puppies need as they grow  Videos can be seen on my face book page.

Brown collar male 6 weeks old.  This guy enjoys human interaction and is a bundle of helpfulness, always wanting to see what you are doing and poking his nose in to see if it's interesting. He is started on his heartworm prevention with interceptor plus and received his first puppy vaccination on Monday the 13th enjoying all the attention the staff gave him.

Brown collar Male Puppy 5 weeks old discovered our macaw cage. No blood was drawn, no harm done, both decided the Macaws territory was HER territory.  The puppies are exploring the house now.

Brown Collar Male

This is Brown collar Male.  His eyes are opened and he's exploring his territory.  He's just under 3 weeks old and enjoys being cuddled.

6 week old mint green collar female is happy to explore and make new friends.  Rudy one of our cats decided to supervise the puppies and got kisses from this little girl for his trouble.  Being a gentleman he tolerated it.  .She saw her doctor on Monday the 13th for a physical and her first puppy vaccine.  She is also started on her heartworm prevention with Interceptor plus.

5 week old Mint Green Collar 5 weeks old

Mint Green Female 4 weeks old She has a thing for the toy stuffy.  Just would not leave it alone.

This little girl is Mint Green Collar Female. She enjoys sniffing and cuddling She's just under 3 weeks old.

Gray collar Male 6 weeks old.  This guy likes peering into the uromastyx tank.  I don't know what he thinks our Styx is. But he likes watching him.  Puppy has been started on his puppy vaccines at his vet on Monday the 13th and started on heartworm prevention with Interceptor plus.  Like all puppies he's curious, enjoys a good cuddle and enjoys the different toys we give the pups on a regular basis to discover new textures and features of the new toy group.

5 week old gray collar male. After being fed he was stretching and being lazy, UNTIL he realized there was a uromastyx in the tank near him.  Then it was all let's check out the lizzard time.

This is Gray Male at 4 weeks

This guy is Gray collar Male and he enjoys catching the sun from the window and cuddling He's just under 3 weeks old

Orange collar 6 week female.  She is the leader of the pack. She leads the escapes, pounces on the new toys first and while she enjoys a cuddle, she prefers playing and exploring and getting in your lap for a cuddle and a nap when she's wore herself out.  She's had her first puppy vaccine on Monday the 13th along with a physical and she's started heartworm prevention with Interceptor plus.

5 week old Orange collar female is a sassy girl

Orange Female 4 Weeks old.

Orange Collar Female a pretty little girl who enjoys a cuddle and watching TV at just under 3 weeks old

Purple collar male 6 weeks. Or Mister Purple as we call him. He discovered the window sill that is against the table I was using for taking pictures and he spent the majority of our picture taking time, diving into that little space and charging down to one end, popping up, turning around and charging the other way.  Then it was grab the stuffie of the week and drag the green duck down into that little space.  You never know what can amuse a puppy!  On Monday the 13th he had his first puppy vaccine and a physical from his doctor. He is also started on heartworm prevention with Interceptor Plus.

5 week old Purple Collar Male enjoys his cheesy biscuit treats and bossing the stuffy of the week around.

Purple boy 4 weeks old and is still a hard guy to photograph.  He just keeps moving.  Tho I expect his siblings will soon be as difficult to grab a pic of.

Purple Collar Male.  He's a mover and a shaker. Likes to explore even though he's still on the wobbly side of walking. At Just under 3 weeks old

Green Collar male 6 weeks.  This guy needs a home willing to overlook  that one of his front paws have 2 toes fused together forming a club foot.  His vet believes he can be a great pet and the foot would not hinder him.  He should wear boots when outside to protect that foot. But other than that he can be treated as any other dog. Rudy one of our cats after getting kisses from one puppy decided he's just join the party.  He wasn't expecting the puppy to run over wanting to play.  So exit Rudy from the photo table. Kisses are one thing, but his dignity was not standing for a play session.  Green discovered the window sill ally and promptly kept dragging the stuffie into it.just to insure that cat didn't come back for it.   On Monday the 13th he received his first puppy vaccine from his doctor and a physical.  He is also started on heartworm prevention with Interceptor plus. This guy adorable as he is will remain on limited registration.  He shouldn't be bred with his foot, and again the foot should not stop him from being that adorable family member who wears boots outside and maybe even get dressed up to complete his "Look"

5 week old green collar male.  This puppy is looking for a special home.  He has a front club foot.  Basically 2 of his toes did not grow properly and they fused together forming a bit of a lump.  It doesn't stop him from keeping up with his siblings and exploring the house. Our Veternarian does recommend he wear boots outside to protect that foot,  not a big deal we will be helping him to get used to wearing boots before he leaves us.   But he must NEVER be bred. His limited registration is not eligible to be upgraded to full registration.

green collar male 4 weeks old.

Green collar male checking things out, taking a snooze. He's just under 3 weeks old

Blue collar male 6 weeks. He enjoys the usual puppy hobbies of playing, eating, sleeping and demanding attention.But aside from that he's a good natured pup who is willing to try anything you want him to do. One of the easier pups to snap pictures of.  Monday the 13th he had his first puppy vaccine and a physical by his doctor. He's started on heartworm prevention with Interceptor Plus.

Blue Collar Male 4 Weeks old

Blue collar male is a cutie. Love attention and cuddles nicely and is just under 3 weeks old

Pink Collar Female 6 weeks.  This little girl like her brother blue collar didn't get their pictures uploaded for the 5th week photos.  My web site is upgrading to Vista x Wix which I have no idea what it is.  BUT they weren't kidding about failing to edit, failure to come up at all, and cutting out during this upgrade process which is still going on.  Have no idea when this upgrade thingie will end. But I'm working with it.  In the meantime this little girl like her siblings on Monday the 13th went to get her first puppy vaccine and a physical. She is also started on heartworm prevention with Interceptor Plus. She's small but mighty and is game for anything.

pink Female 4 weeks.  Had a time getting pics of the little fuzz ball so I used the 4 not blurred

Pink Collar Female is a sweetie and enjoys snuggles and just under 3 weeks old

Odds and Ends

Videos will be posted on my face book page  This week the puppies experienced being bathed and playing in the tub water.   Being dried with a blow dryer and having a bed put in their pen. We also upped the amount of Albrights raw that we mix in with their puppy kibble and everyone gobbled it up without stomach upset. We're hoping that the yard will actually dry out so they can go outside. So far it's  not cooperating. Ankle deep mud is fun for puppies maybe, but not so much fun for me when I need to pull them out when they sink to their little necks and I need to bath them all over again. My yard is basically a swamp and the pasture is no better.

Odd and End pictures.  Everyone's eyes are open, everyone is doing the wobble walk around their whelp pen. Some have more wobble in the walk than other. But all are gaining balance.  First picture is the Gray collar puppy getting his weigh in at just under 3 weeks old. Second up is Pink collar female enjoying a snuggle at just under 3 weeks old  videos can be seen on my face book page .