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Health Warranty

The puppy you purchased will come from healthy parents and have been given all needed care medically, emotionally and physically. This puppy has been examined by us and a licensed veterinarian prior to purchase, and is hereby warranted to be in good health to the best of our knowledge. TO KEEP THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IN EFFECT, the purchaser is directed to immediately contact a licensed veterinarian to arrange for an examination within Seven Business (7) days after purchase. If the veterinarian believes the puppy is medically unsuitable as a pet / companion, you can return that puppy for a replacement at the next litter available or for an already available puppy.


We sell “standard” companion quality puppies: All warranties of disposition, show quality, breedability, or descending testicles are hereby excluded. Seller will not accept any returns or exchanges for any reason not related to the health of the puppy. This return does not cover fleas, ticks, kennel cough, or any similar condition the puppy may of gotten in transit or any condition resulting from abuse, accident, improper feeding, lack of weather proofed housing or neglect. It also does not cover cancers of any type.

If your puppy should develop GR_ PRA1, GR_PRA2, prcd-PRA, which are 3 specific eye disorders. We will replace that puppy as soon as a litter is available for you to choose a replacement from. Puppy must be chosen at or by 6 weeks of age. In order to qualify for a replacement puppy you must have the puppy's eyes examined by a board certified ophthalmologist and have the eye condition verified and a certificate written out with the ophthalmologist's signature, office phone number and address to be contacted.

If your puppy develops Ichthyosis you must send a statement from your veterinarian stating that the Ichthyosis is of a severity that it keeps the pup from being a companion / pet.

We offer a standard 2 year hip and elbow warranty. If your pup develops crippling dysplasia in hips or elbows before the second birthday. We will replace that puppy from the next available litter. In order to qualify your dog must not have been spayed or neutered, bred, or been in an accident that could of caused damage to the bone structure. You must notify us and send us the results confirming crippling dysplasia from either the OFA or the PENN HIP.

Seller will send the next available puppy upon receipt of verification from the buyer’s veterinarian the original puppy identified by microchip number was not spayed or neutered, bred, or been in an accident that could of caused damage to the bone structure and the puppy has been euthanized for Crippling dysplasia. The buyer assumes all costs for the treatment. 

The within limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. The implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded. This limited warranty constitutes the sole and exclusive remedy of the purchaser with respect to any defect, illness or problem with the puppy. Seller shall not be liable to purchaser for any other claim, loss, damage, or expense, or emotional harm, incidental or consequential damages, whether caused directly or indirectly. Liability for any such damages is hereby expressly disclaimed.

I, ______________________________________, as buyer, have read and understand all provisions of the purchase agreement. I understand that this is the entire agreement between the seller and me. I understand that no other statements or promises are part of my agreement with the seller and that there is no implied warranties not stated in this document. The liability of the seller under all provisions of this warranty is limited to the replacement of the puppy equal to it’s original purchase price.

PURCHASE PRICE:_________________

BREED___Golden Retriever__ SEX______ Male_____Female


DATE OF POSSESSION _______/______/_________

All legal matters or disputes concerning this health warranty must be settled in the Cheyenne County Court in Cheyenne, Nebraska, United States of America.

Your signature states you understand and agree to the terms of this warranty.

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