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Bergs Rascal Duchess Gypsy Rose

(Retired Spayed)

Gypsy is the second dog we have purchased from Hunters GoldStrike Kennels and we are very pleased with her as a family dog that is outgoing and active. She enjoys playing with both her canine buddies and her humans. She's a sweetheart who always "gifts" her humans by bringing them their boots, shoes, or a toy at the first chance she gets.

Gypsy's pedigree can be found clicking the below link. Her OFA and her DNA test results can be found on her pedigree page as well. She tested as a carrier for Ichthyosis. As a carrier she is NOT affected by the condition. She will only be bred to Clear/Normal males. The resulting puppies will NOT be affected by Ichthyosis. The puppies will either test clear/normal or as a carrier. All puppies leave with copies of their parents AKC papers, DNA and OFA testing. If you plan to breed your puppy, it is important to do DNA tests on both your puppy and the possible mate. So that you can make an informed decision on that mating.