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FAQ's For Dogs

Q. Are your dogs AKC reg?

A. All of our dogs are AKC reg. We give all puppy buyers an AKC application to reg. their puppy

Q. Do you give limited or full Reg?

A. We give limited registration on all our puppies. We will however at no extra charge grant FULL registration after the new owner sends us proof of both a normal OFA on hips and Elbows and  genetic clearances that reflects the dog is not affected by any of the DNA testing.  We recommend Paw Prints testing. They are certified and reasonably priced.  Their genetic testing can be done at any time after the puppy leaves us.  The OFA hip and Elbow are done at 2 years of age.

Q. Do you charge more for male or female puppies?

A. No I do not. ALL my puppies are priced the same. Regardless of sex. The reason is simple. My costs are no different for a male puppy or a female puppy. It's the same cost to X ray each adult dog for hip dysplasia, to get yearly vaccinations, or other needed medical exams such as Heartworm, physicals etc. Then there's feed, medications, micro chips, puppy vaccination, flea, tick, and heartworm preventives, and then AKC reg. fees and I have run up quite a tab. That is NOT including the time spent cleaning pens, the extra housework involved in raising growing rambunctious pups in the house, basic obedience training for puppies and advanced work for the adults. I easily spend 4 hours a day with dogs only. And that is grooming, feeding, and clean up. Training is a whole new time frame. 

Q. Can I get a cheaper dog is I decline reg. papers?

A. NO! See above for why.

Q. Do you ship puppies?

A. NO we do NOT ship. NO exceptions.  Please read our SHIPPING page

Q. Do you offer any warranties or rebates?

Yes we do. Please check our health warrenty page and our title rebate page.

Q. Will my puppy be "show quality?"

A. We do not sell show dogs. We do not in any way imply that any puppy we sell is of show/breeding quality. Our puppies are sold solely to be pets / companions. We breed only healthy active golden adults to best produce healthy golden puppies.

Q. Will my dog be breedable?

A.  Like show quality we do not in any way imply any puppy we sell is "Breedable"  We will give full AKC registration to dogs who have passed Genetic and OFA screening.  But we sell our puppies as companions and do NOT make any promises about its ability to be bred.

Q. Do Golden Retrievers make good pets for children?

A. That would depend on the family. No single breed is "good" with children, or for families. Goldens are large dogs, they mature slowly, often not until 2 years of age. They require adult supervision and training. Some pre-teens and teens who have demonstrated a high degree of responsibilty in the past would probably do well with a golden puppy as a pet if clear cut rules and responsbilities were laid out and backed up with parental supervision. On the whole I discourage buying pets especially puppies for the kids. I lean more to the old rule, if Mommy isn't happy, no one is happy. The mommies of the world rule, regardless of working at home or in an office, they invariably end up doing the majority of the child and pet care. So if mommy agrees to a dog in the house, mommy should have the choice of breed and sex.

Q. Why do you delay spaying / neutering until 2 years of age?

A. For the health of the dog. In my opinion both sexes need to fully develope physically and mentally. Think about it in a way you can relate to, puberty is when human and animal bodies fill out, develop secondary sex characteristics and mature. Take away puberty and you have a body that continues along a juvenil pathway. Bones and muscle tissue do not mature as nature intended, hormones needed for normal development are denied, juvenile emotional behavior remains. "They'll stay like a puppy longer" is often reported. That's not natural and as many have said for various reasons, It's not nice to fool mother nature!

Q. What if I want to spay or neuter earlier?

A. That is up to you. What we recommend if you don't want to be bothered with a dog having 2 to 3 heat cycles before spaying is to carefully screen an adult female for purchase. Many reputable kennels sell adult dogs to "retirement homes" after their show / breeding career is over. These dogs are generally well behaved, well socialized and already spayed / neutered before they leave the breeders home. Careful screening of kennels can often find a reputable breeder with a dog looking for a family to settle down with after being a career girl or boy.

Q. Can I come visit the puppy of my choice before committing to it?

Of course, we welcome guests! To help prevent disease from being brought in. You will be asked to put on safety booties and disinfect your hands before seeing the puppies. This includes children. All we ask for is advance notice to insure we'll be home and that any children brought are well supervised. We have livestock and other rural unique hazzards that could cause a child unfamilair with rural living harm. As one child found out while our black and white kitty Trouble is friendly, the black and white kitty by the old woodpile was less inclined to want to be chased down and in fact expressed his displeasure with a spray that told everyone in the area he was displeased. So children must be supervised and absolutely NO pets brought to the farm. 

Q Can I make payments?

A. Yes we accept payments through PayPal. All reserved puppies must be paid for and picked up between 8 and 12 weeks of age. Puppies paid for but not picked up by 12 weeks incur a $5. a day board fee unless the reason for not picking the puppy up is hazardous weather conditions. 

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