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Bergs Rascal Duke Buddy Of Holly

AKC# SR90878606

To see Buddy's OFA, DNA results and his pedigree go to

Buddy is the son of Rex and Bailey. Because both his parents cleared their DNA tests thru Optigen for PRA1, PRA2, and Ichthyosis. Buddy should be clear thru parentage. But we submitted his DNA and are pleased that as expected all came back as normal/clear. As a normal/clear male he can be bred to a normal/clear female or a female with the status of carrier. Buddy received his OFA for hips and Elbows. You can see his test results on his pedigree page in the standard view.

Due to a very bad experience in a crowded area with a woman. Buddy was overwhelmed and frightened and as a result is slow to make friends with people he doesn't know.  But once he knows you, he's a friend for life.  Even if he sees you only once a year. He loves to play with his other canine buddies and pretty much ignores our farm cats. We haven't bred Buddy but are looking for the right match.